§ 17.1.640  APPEALS.
   A Type III decision may be appealed only if, within 14 calendar days after written notice of the decision is provided to the :
   A.   A files an petition, identifies the specific issues being appealed, and pays the required fee; or
   B.   The City directs that an be initiated within the 14-day period.
   The City shall consider of Type III decision by conducting an hearing on the record. Only issues in the record, whether raised in writing or orally, shall be raised before the City and the hearing may be limited only to those issues raised in the petition.
   Notice of the hearing shall be provided to all who participated in the initial hearing and requested notice.
   Written notice of the decision on the shall be provided to all to the proceeding within seven days of the decision.
   The decision of the City on an is the ’s .
Figure 1-3: Type III Process
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)