§ 17.1.610 NOTICE.
   Notice of the public hearing on Type III shall be provided in accordance with the provisions of O.R.S. 197.763 and as follows:
   A.   Notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation at least seven days before the hearing.
   B.   Notice shall be posted in three conspicuous public places in the at least 20 days before the hearing.
   C.   Notice shall be sent by mail at least 20 days before the hearing to:
      1.   The or representative;
      2.   All property owners of record within 300 feet of the boundaries of the subject property;
      3.   Any recognized ;
      4.   Any public agency or utility whose property, services or facilities may be affected by the proposed . The shall determine the extent of notice to public agencies or utilities based on cooperative agreements, perceived interest or impact.
   D.   The shall also post the subject property with a Notice of in conformance with posting requirements set forth by City resolution.
   Failure to receive notice shall not invalidate a decision if a good faith attempt was made to notify all entitled to notice. A certificate of mailing issued by the conducting the mailing shall be conclusive evidence of a good faith attempt to contact all listed in the certificate.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2020-05, passed 11-9-2020)