§ 17.1.540  APPEALS.
   A Type II decision by the is final unless appealed.
   The will be heard by the Planning Commission, under the following conditions.
   A.   The must have standing, and submit a written petition and pay the required fee to the within 14 calendar days of the written notice of the decision. The written petition shall specifically state the issues being appealed.
   B.   Notice of the hearing shall be provided as required for quasi-judicial (Type III) public hearings.
   C.   The Planning Commission shall conduct a de novo hearing.
   D.   The Planning Commission decision on an is the ’s , unless an optional second to the City is filed by the , as specified in § 17.1.545.
Figure 1-2
Type II Process
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)