A.    permit required. A permit shall be obtained before construction or begins within any established in § 17.8.315B. The permit shall be for all including manufactured homes, as set forth in the definitions and for all including fill and other activities, also as set forth in the definitions.
   B.    for permit. for a permit shall be made on forms furnished by the Engineering Department and may include but not be limited to plans in duplicate drawn to scale showing the nature, location, dimensions and elevations of the area in question; existing or proposed , fill, storage of  materials, drainage facilities and the location of the foregoing. Specifically, the following information is required:
      1.   Elevation in relation to mean sea level, of the (including ) of all ;
      2.   Elevation in relation to mean sea level of floodproofing in any ;
      3.   Certification by a registered professional engineer or architect that the floodproofing methods for any nonresidential meet the floodproofing criteria in § 17.8.335B.3.; and
      4.   Description of the extent to which a watercourse will be altered or relocated as a result of proposed .
   C.   Land below the elevation of the shall be placed in or parking lot and landscaped areas if within the developed portion of the .
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2013-3, passed 5-22-2013)