§ 17.7.100  PURPOSE.
   Within the zoning districts established by this Code, that was lawful at the time it was established, but would be prohibited under the terms of this Code or future may exist. As used in this section, DEVELOPMENT includes and uses.
   A.   A is a that does not fully comply with the Code because of , , off- parking or with some other standard of the zone. A shall be deemed to be discontinued or abandoned upon the occurrence of the first date of any of the following events:
      1.   When the and/or premises are vacated;
      2.   The ceases to be actively involved in the sale of merchandise or the provision of services;
      3.   Termination of any lease or contract under which the non-conforming has occupied the premises; or
      4.   A request for final reading of water and power meters is made to the City Support Services Department.
   B.   A is a that is not permitted outright or has not received conditional approval in the zone, but was lawfully established prior to it becoming .
   The purposes of this subarticle are:
   A.   To permit do continue, but not to encourage its perpetuation; and
   B.   To ultimately bring into compliance with this Code and the .
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2019-05, passed 6-24-2019)