§ 17.7.020  STANDARDS.
    shall comply with all requirements for the principal , except where specifically modified by this Code, and shall comply with the following limitations:
   A.    are limited to a maximum ground of 720 square feet;
   B.    shall not be located in any required ;
   C.    shall not be located closer than five feet to any or property line;
   D.   Detached shall not be located within six feet of the principal or other on the same ;
   E.   Any attached to the principal must comply with all for the principal (attached means wall-to-wall or any permanent roof attachment such as a breezeway); and
   F.   Portable metal that require no assembly, such as shipping containers, are prohibited in residential zones beyond 60 days; and
   G.   No shall encroach upon or interfere with the use of adjoining property or public right-of-way, including but not limited to , and public and/or private .
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2013-3, passed 5-22-2013)