(A)   Transfer of ownership of a certified project must receive prior written approval from the Director. The Director will not unreasonably withhold its approval of transfer of ownership. The city may void or terminate project certification of all or a portion of a certified project if transfer of ownership occurs without the city's prior written approval except where transfer of ownership occurs as a result of operation of law following death or divorce.
   (B)   If there is a transfer of ownership of the certified project the project owner shall notify both the Washington County Assessor and the city of the new owner's name, contact person, mailing address and phone number within 30-days of the change.
   (C)   The city may require the certified project owner to pay an administrative fee to cover the city's actual and anticipated costs of reviewing and processing associated with the transfer of certified project ownership including but not limited to effecting legal review, preparing amendments to the project use agreement, execution or recording of related documents. Such fee shall be established by City Council resolution.
(Ord. 2018-03, passed 7-17-2018)