(A)   The Director shall not accept an application for processing unless the applicant or applicant's representative has attended a pre-application conference or the Director has signed a waiver of the pre-application conference.
   (B)   The application shall be made on forms provided by the city and must contain any information required by the city including all of the following:
      (1)   The officially assigned address and boundaries of the proposed vertical housing development project;
      (2)   A description of the existing state of the property;
      (3)   A description of the project construction or rehabilitation, including the design of the construction or rehabilitation, the cost of the construction or rehabilitation and the number of floors and residential units to be constructed or rehabilitated;
      (4)   A description of the nonresidential uses to which any portion of the project is to be put, including the proportion of total square footage of the project proposed for nonresidential uses;
      (5)   A description of the number and nature of residential units in the proposed project that are to be low income residential housing, including the proportion of total square footage of the project proposed for low income residential housing uses;
      (6)   For purposes of this section, square footage does not include areas used for patios, porches, deck space, parking, unless these areas are demonstrated to the satisfaction of the city to be economically necessary to the project or the city otherwise determines that it is appropriate to include the areas in the square footage;
      (7)   Documentation that the project is entirely within in an established vertical housing development zone;
      (8)   Documentation establishing the costs of construction and rehabilitation with respect to the project.
      (9)   A commitment that is satisfactory to the Director, including documentation and evidence of recording of the documentation, that the project will be maintained and operated in a manner consistent with the project application and the program for a time period acceptable to the Director and not less than the term of any related property tax exemption.
      (10)   Such other information as the city, in its discretion, may reasonably require.
   (C)   Following the designation of a vertical housing development zone under O.R.S. § 307.844, a person proposing to undertake a proposed vertical housing development project and seeking the partial property tax exemption set forth in O.R.S. § 307.864 shall apply to the City Council for certification of the project. Applications shall be submitted on the required form provided by the city. The application must be signed by the owner or owner representative and accompanied by the required fee.
   (D)   If the application is denied by the Director, the city will send written notice to the project applicant. At the Director's discretion the city may allow re-application by the project applicant.
   (E)   The city may charge an application processing fee and project monitoring fee adopted by City Council resolution. In determining fees the city may consider factors including, but not limited to, known and expected costs for administering the program, processing the application and ensuring project compliance.
(Ord. 2018-03, passed 7-17-2018)