The following definitions shall apply to this chapter as written unless context indicates or requires a different meaning:
   ANCILLARY IMPROVEMENT. Land, patios, porches, deck spacing, parking and minor improvements.
   CERTIFIED PROJECT. A multi-story development within a VHDZ that the city certifies as a vertical housing development project qualifying for a vertical housing partial property tax exemption under this chapter based on a proposal and description from a project applicant that conforms to this chapter.
   CONSTRUCTION. The development of land and the new construction of improvements to the land.
   DIRECTOR. Finance Director.
   DISPLACEMENT. A situation in which a household is forced to move from its current residence due to conditions that affect the residence or the immediate surroundings of the residence and that:
      (1)   A reasonable person would consider to be beyond the household's ability to prevent or control; and
      (2)   Occur despite the household having met all previously imposed conditions of occupancy; and make continued occupancy of the residence by the household unaffordable, hazardous or impossible.
   DISTRICT. Local taxing district.
   EQUALIZED FLOOR. The quotient determined under O.R.S. § 307.857(4)(b) that results from the division of total square footage of a certified project - excluding land and ancillary improvements as determined by the city - and the number of actual floors of the non-ancillary improvements of the project that are at least 500 square feet per floor.
   GOVERNING BODY. City Council.
   LIVE-WORK UNIT. A unit combining space for non-residential activities including home occupations and residential use for the owner of the business and the business owner's household. A live-work unit is deemed to be committed to non-residential use for purposes of the VHDZ program. The non-residential component of the live-work unit must have an entry at street level.
   LOW INCOME RESIDENTIAL HOUSING. Housing restricted to occupancy by persons or families whose income is no greater than 80% of median income, adjusted for family size, as determined by the Housing and Community Services Department.
   NON-RESIDENTIAL USE. Commercial uses including general retail and office uses as defined by the Forest Grove Development Code.
   PROGRAM. The vertical housing development zone program.
   PROJECT. The construction or rehabilitation of a multiple-story building, or a group of buildings including at least one multiple-story building so that a portion of the project is dedicated to residential uses and portion of the project is dedicated to non-residential uses. A VHDZ project must be certified by the city as a VHDZ project.
   PROJECT BASED VOUCHER. A program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development managed by a local public housing agency. Project based vouchers provide rental assistance to low-income households for specific housing units at a specific site.
   RESIDENTIAL USE. Household living as defined by the Forest Grove Development Code including live-work units.
   VERTICAL HOUSING DEVELOPMENT ZONE (VHDZ). Vertical Housing Development Zone established by City Council consistent with this chapter or an area that was officially designated by the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department as a vertical housing development zone and which remains so designated.
(Ord. 2018-03, passed 7-17-2018)