Prior to circulation, a petition must:
   (A)   Be in the form prescribed by the Secretary of State (a sample of the form is available in the office of the City Elections Official);
   (B)   Contain the name and address of the sponsor or sponsors of the petition; and
   (C)   Have written in the foot margin of each signature sheet and on the cover:
      (1)   On an initiative petition, the caption that is part of the ballot title. The cover sheet shall contain the entire ballot title.
      (2)   On a referendum petition, the number and title, if any, of the measure to be referred and the date it was enacted by the Council.
   (D)   Be approved by the City Elections Official with the date of approval shown on the petition.
(Prior Code, § 2.160)  (Ord. 1993-13, passed 10-25-1993)