For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   BUSINESS DAYS. Regular work days (calendar days excluding weekends and legal holidays of the city).
   CITY ELECTIONS OFFICIAL. The City Recorder is the person with whom the candidate files appropriate forms.
   CITY LEGISLATION. An ordinance or proposed ordinance, or a proposed amendment revision or repeal of the City Charter.
   COMPLETED PETITION. A candidate petition containing 100% of the certified signatures necessary to obtain ballot access or the prospective initiative or referendum petition where the chief petitioners have submitted 100% of the signatures required for verification.
   COUNTY ELECTIONS. The County Division in charge of city elections.
   ELECTOR. An individual eligible under state and city law to vote in a city election.
   INITIATIVE PETITION. An initiative petition, including complete text, cover, and signature sheet, which has received written approval to circulate from the filing officer but has not yet qualified for the ballot.
   MEASURE. City legislation, or a proposition or question submitted to city electors for approval or rejection at an election.
   O.A.R. Oregon Administrative Rules.
   O.R.S. Oregon Revised Statutes.
   PROSPECTIVE PETITION. The information and filing forms, except ballot title information, signatures, and other identification of petition signers, required to be contained in a completed petition.
   REFERENDUM PETITION. A petition by electors to approve or reject legislation adopted by the governing body of the city.
   REGISTERED VOTER. A resident of the state who is a U.S. citizen; 18 years of age; and is registered more than 20 calendar days before the election.
   REGULAR ELECTION. A city election held at the same time as a general biennial election for electing federal, state, or county officers.
   SPECIAL ELECTION. A city election held on a date other than a regular election.
(Prior Code, § 2.105)  (Ord. 1993-13, passed 10-25-1993; Ord. 2009-10, passed 7-13-2009)