(A)   Terminology and standards. All terminology used in this subchapter that is not defined in § 91.031 shall be in accordance with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Noise Control Regulations and Noise Emission Standards outlined by O.R.S. 467.030 and O.A.R. Code 340 Division 35.
   (B)   Measurement of sound level. While sound measurements are not required for the enforcement of this subchapter, should measurements be made, they shall be made as follows:
      (1)   With a calibrated sound level meter in good operating condition;
      (2)   A person conducting sound level measurements shall have received training in the techniques of sound measurement and the operation of sound measuring instruments prior to engaging in any enforcement activity; and
      (3)   Procedures and tests required by this code and not specified herein shall be placed on file with the City Recorder.
(Prior Code, § 5.252)  (Ord. 2010-08, passed 2-28-2011)