In addition to the definitions contained in the State Vehicle Code, for the purpose of this traffic code, the following terms shall mean, unless the context requires otherwise, as set out herein.
   AIRCRAFT. Any vehicle capable of flight.
   BOAT. Watercraft used or capable of being used as a means of transportation on the water.
   BUS STOP. A space on the edge of a roadway designated by sign for use by buses loading or unloading passengers.
   CITY. Forest Grove.
   COMMERCIAL VEHICLE. A vehicle used for the transportation of persons for compensation or is designed or used primarily for the transportation of personal property for hire.
   COSTS. The expense of removing, storing, or selling a junked vehicle.
   CURBED PARKWAY. A parkway where the street edge is bounded by a curb.
   ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. A person designated by the City Manager to enforce the provisions of this chapter or defined as an Enforcement Officer by O.R.S. 153.005 (2013).
   FARM VEHICLE. A vehicle or trailer designed for and used primarily in agricultural operations.
   FIXED LOAD. As defined in O.R.S. 801.285 (2013).
   HAZARDOUS VEHICLE. A vehicle in a location or condition which an Enforcement Officer believes constitutes an immediate hazard to the public.
   LOADING ZONE. A right-of-way space designated by sign for the loading or unloading of passengers or materials during specified hours of specified days.
   OWNER. The person, other than a security interest holder, having the incidents of ownership in a vehicle, or where the incidents of ownership is in different persons, the person, other than a security interest holder or lessor, entitled to the possession of a vehicle under a security agreement or a lessor for a term of ten of more successive days.
   PARKWAY. The portion of the right-of-way not used as either a roadway or sidewalk.
   PERSON. An individual partnership, corporation, or other entity capable of owning property.
   PERSON IN CHARGE OF PROPERTY. A person having possession, control, or title to property where a vehicle is located.
   PERSONAL PROPERTY. Any movable or intangible thing subject to ownership and not classified as real property.
   PRIVATE GARAGE. A privately-owned storage yard, garage, or other storage place selected by the city.
   PUBLIC PROPERTY. Real property owned, leased, rented, or lawfully used or operated by a governmental entity.
   RECREATIONAL VEHICLE. A vehicle designed for human occupancy temporarily for recreational purposes, including motor homes, campers, and camp, tent, or travel trailers.
   STREET. Any public way open for vehicle use by the general public.
   TRAFFIC LANE. That area of the roadway used for the movement of a single line of traffic.
   TRAILER. Every vehicle without motive power designed to be drawn by another vehicle. Includes, but is not limited to, balance, semi, truck, boat, utility, and special use trailers.
   VEHICLE. Any device in, upon or by which persons or property is or may be transported upon a street, including all vehicles that are propelled or powered by any means.
(Prior Code, § 6.010) (Ord. 2020-01, passed 1-27-2020)