(a)   Creation/Appointment.  The Village of Forest hereby creates an auxiliary police force whose members shall be appointed by the Mayor with approval of the Chief of Police.
   (b)   Removal.  Auxiliary police officers shall serve as long as the Mayor or Chief of Police may direct, or until a resignation is submitted by the respective member and accepted by the Chief of Police, or the respective member is removed by any other lawful means or procedure.
(Ord. 1121.  Passed 6-27-85.)
   (c)   Qualifications.  Members so appointed shall be the age of twenty (20) years or older at the time of appointment  and have received the appropriate police training or made arrangements to receive the same within a reasonable time of appointment.
(Ord. 1806.  Passed 12-9-10.)
   (d)   Command.  The Chief of Police shall be the commanding officer of the auxiliary police force and shall assign duties, training, stationing, and direction of such work force. The auxiliary police shall act only when in prescribed uniform identical to the uniform worn by the full-time regular appointed officers. The Chief of Police shall prescribe the full uniform or parts  thereof to be worn. The Chief of Police in conducting the auxiliary shall be subject to the general supervision of the Mayor as provided by State statute.
   (e)   Use of Weapons.  The auxiliary police force shall have all full police powers and be certified by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council prior to the carrying or use of any police weapon or other instrument utilized by the Forest Police Department.
   (f)   Rules and Regulations.  Auxiliary police force members shall obey the chain of command of the Forest Police Department and shall take orders from all full-time appointed members of the Police Department. The Chief of Police shall prescribe the rules and regulations for the conduct and the control of the auxiliary police force.
   (g)   Compensation.  The auxiliary police force shall be paid according to the prevailing wage ordinance of the Village of Forest. Services performed by the auxiliary police force shall be performed within the corporation limits of the Village of Forest.
(Ord. 1121. Passed 6-27-85.)