The powers and duties of the Village Administrator shall be as follows:
   (a)    To manage and control all municipally owned utilities, including water and sewer services;
   (b)    To make such rules and regulations as he deems necessary for the safe, economical and efficient operation of said utilities;
   (c)    To present proposed rates and charges for said utilities for the consideration of Council;
   (d)    To have all powers and to perform all duties specified in Sections 743.05 to 743.07 inclusive, 743.10, 743.11, 743.18 and 743.24 of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (e)    To supervise the improvement and repair of public streets, alleys and other public property and to supervise the lighting, sprinkling and cleaning of all streets, alleys, public building and places;
   (f)   To appoint officers, employees, agents, clerks and assistants to positions authorized and created by Council, subject to the approval of the Mayor;
   (g)    To have such other powers and duties as may from time to time be prescribed by law or ordinance not inconsistent with Section 735.273 of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (h)    To complete and submit applications for federal and state grants when directed to do so by the Mayor or Council, or when he believes it to be beneficial to the Village;
   (i)    To supervise all Village employees who are assigned to work in the Water and Service Departments and employees of the Recreation Board; and
   (j)    To develop a program for and to conduct safety and health inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices, to control health hazards, and to comply with the safety and health standards applicable to work performed by Village employees; to train all Village employees in good safety and health practices; to develop and enforce safety and health rules; to investigate accidents promptly and thoroughly; and to implement a disciplinary procedure for violations of safety and health rules.
      (Ord. 1426. Passed 4-20-95.)