(a)    Each recommendation the Special Projects Committee pursuant to Section 162.07(c) shall be presented to City Council at the first available regularly scheduled meeting of Council following the date on which the recommendation is made. Within thirty (30) days following presentation of the recommendation to Council, Council shall approve the award by adoption of an Ordinance of record. The Ordinance shall state:
      (1)    The annual amount to be appropriated for the purpose of funding the award;
      (2)    The number of years the award will be funded;
      (3)    The number of eligible jobs required to be created as a precondition to payment of awarded funds; and
      (4)    The aggregate new annual payroll required to be generated by payment of wages, salary, and performance-based compensation to individuals employed in eligible jobs required as a precondition to the payment of awarded funds.
   (b)    Failure to adopt the ordinance required by this Section shall constitute denial of
the application.  (Ord. 1900.  Passed 8-11-16.)