Applications for a grant of Job Creation Incentive Program assistance shall be filed with
the Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance on forms prescribed by the Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance and approved by the Special Projects Committee. The application shall be filed on or prior to August 1, of each year, if to be considered for an eligible project for the following year. The application shall disclose sufficient information to enable the Special Projects Committee to determine the eligibility of the applicant and eligibility of the proposed project and shall disclose the minimum and maximum number of eligible jobs expected to be created by the proposed project and the minimum and maximum aggregate new annual payroll expected to be paid to employees serving in the newly created eligible jobs. The application shall further disclose the number of non-eligible jobs expected to be created by the proposed project and aggregate annual payroll to be paid to persons filling those employment positions. If the project for which an application for assistance is made involves the erection of any building, substantial alteration of any existing building or installation of industrial equipment, the availability and sufficiency of water distribution and sewage collection facilities at the proposed project site and an estimate of quantities of water to be consumed and effluent to be produced shall also be disclosed. A non-refundable application fee of $25.00 shall be paid to the Village of Forest at the time the application is filed. 
(Ord. 1900.  Passed 8-11-16.)