162.02 PURPOSES.
   This Chapter is enacted to promote public health, safety and welfare by enoouraging the
creation of well-paid private sector employment opportunities within the corporate limits of the
Village of Forest. The provisions of this Chapter are intended to:
   (a)    Stabilize real estate values to preserve property tax collections upon which local school districts depend and, thereby, preserve educational opportunities essential to the welfare of children in the community;
   (b)    Stabilize employment and prevailing wages to preserve income tax collections upon which municipal government depends and, thereby, preserve the availability of emergency medical, fire suppression, and law enforcement services essential to the safety of the community; and
   (c)    Stabilize employment to preserve and encourage growth in regional population and, thereby, assure the continued existence of an adequate number of consumers to support the operation and debt service expenses of the municipal water and sewer utilities.  (Ord. 1900.  Passed 8-11-16.)