145.09  COURT LEAVE.
   (a)   All full-time employees shall be entitled to paid court leave when:
      (1)   Summoned for jury duty by a court of competent jurisdiction, or
      (2)   Subpoenaed to appear before any court, commission, board, or other legally constituted body authorized by law to compel the attendance of witnesses, where the employee is not a party to the action.
   (b)   Any compensation or reimbursement for jury duty or for court attendance compelled by subpoena, when such duty is performed during an employee's normal working hours, shall be remitted to the Clerk-Treasurer of the Village. 
   (c)   Any employee who is appearing before a court or other legally constituted body in a matter in which he or she is a party may be granted vacation time or leave of absence without pay. Such instances would include, but not be limited to, criminal or civil cases, traffic court, divorce proceedings, custody, or appearing as directed as parent or guardian of juveniles.
(Ord. 1497. Passed 12-11-97.)