(a)   Leave of absence without pay may, at the discretion of the Mayor of Village Administrator, be granted upon written request. Leave of absence will normally be granted only in those cases where a circumstance exists requiring the employee's absence from work and when vacation or sick leave is exhausted. The authorization of such leave is solely a matter of
administrative discretion, and each request will be decided on its own merits.
   (b)   A grant of leave of absence without pay shall not exceed four months.
   (c)   Vacation and sick leave days shall not be credited during the period of leave of absence.
   (d)   When an employee fails to return to work upon the expiration of an authorized leave of absence without pay, the employee may be terminated from service with the Village.
   (e)   If it is determined that an employee is not using the leave for the purpose for which it was granted, the Mayor or Village Administrator may cancel the leave and provide the employee with a written notice to report for work. The employee may also be disciplined for dishonesty.
   (f)   A leave of absence shall not be granted to any employee who has accepted employment with another employer.
(Ord. 1497. Passed 12-11-97.)