Ord. No.   Date   Description
1032   10-28-82   Grants franchise to Telenational Communications, Inc. for cable television system in the Village.
1076   1-12-84   Repeals Ord. 1032, which granted cable television franchise to Telenational Communication, Inc.
1081   3-22-84   Grants non-exclusive franchise to ACT Cable Co. for cable television service in the Village.
Res. 1167   9-11-86   Authorizes transfer of cable television franchise from ACT Cable Co. to VideComm Cable Partners I Limited Partnership.
Res. 1465   7-11-96   Consents to assignment of cable television franchise from Cooney Cable Associates of Ohio to TWFanch-two Co.
1666   6-10-04   Grants a cable television franchise to TW Fanch-two Co., d/b/a Time Warner Cable.