(A)   Purpose. The Planning Commission shall serve as an advisory body to Council on matters related to zoning, subdivisions, and other areas as provided in S.C. Code §§ 6-29-310 et seq.
   (B)   Composition and duties.
      (1)   The Commission shall consist of nine members. City Council-shall consider applicants based on professional expertise, knowledge of the community and concern for the future welfare of the total community and its citizens. Members of the Commission shall represent a broad cross section of the interests and concerns within the jurisdiction.
         (a)   Seven members shall be appointed individually by members of City Council and the Mayor upon their election and shall serve terms concurrent with the Council member who appointed them.
         (b)   Two members shall be appointed by Council at large in the year following a Mayoral election and shall serve four year terms.
         (c)   In the event that a Council member or Mayor vacates his or her seat on Council, then the term of the Planning Commission member appointed
by the Council member or Mayor shall continue to serve until the first Council meeting where the new Council member or Mayor shall appoint his or her successor.
         (d)   All members of the Planning Commission shall be registered voters or property owners of the city. The maximum number of non- registered voters shall be two.
         (e)   If a vacancy in the membership of the Planning Commission occurs for any reason, the unexpired term of that member shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.
         (f)   The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Planning Commission shall be selected annually by the Planning Commission. The selections shall be made no earlier than June 1 nor later than July 1 of each year.
      (2)   The Planning Commission shall have all duties, functions and responsibilities as set forth in the Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994, which includes, but is not limited to the undertaking of a continuing planning program for the physical, social and economic growth, development and redevelopment of the area within its jurisdiction.
      (3)   In the discharge of its responsibilities, the Planning Commission shall have power and duty to prepare and revise periodically plans and programs for the development and redevelopment of its area as provided in the Comprehensive Planning Enabling Act of 1994.
      (4)   The Planning Commission shall also prepare and recommend for adoption to the City Council as a means for implementing the plans and programs in its area:
         (a)   Zoning ordinances to include zoning district maps and appropriate revisions thereof;
         (b)   Regulations for the subdivision or development of land and appropriate revisions thereof;
         (c)   An official map and appropriate revision on it showing the exact location of existing or proposed public streets, highways and utility rights-of-way, and public building sites, together with regulations to control the erection of buildings or other structures or changes in land use within the rights-of-way, building sites or open spaces within its political jurisdiction or a specified portion of it;
         (d)   A landscaping ordinance setting forth required planting, tree preservation and other aesthetic considerations for land and structures;
         (e)   A capital improvement program setting for the projects required to implement plans which have been prepared and adopted, including an annual listing of priority projects for consideration by the City Council prior to preparation of its capital budget; and
         (f)   Policies and procedures to facilitate implementation of planning elements.
      (5)   The Planning Commission shall conduct all public hearings necessary to perform its duties.
   (C)   Meetings. The Planning Commission shall meet when necessary but in no case less than once per month.
(Ord. 25-17, passed 9-26-17)