Any person or entity violating any provision of this code of ordinances, or any code adopted pursuant thereto, within the corporate limits of the City of Folly Beach, may be issued a uniform ordinance summons. Issuance of the uniform ordinance summons shall vest jurisdiction in the municipal court to hear and dispose of the charge for which the uniform ordinance summons is issued and served. The uniform ordinance summons may be issued by any enforcement officer authorized by state law or any other city employees designated by the Council as code enforcement officers. The bond amount for violation shall be prescribed by the chief municipal court judge. Code enforcement officers are prohibited from accepting bonds. Bonds are to be posted in the manner prescribed in the uniform ordinance summons. The uniform ordinance summons shall not be used to perform a custodial arrest.
   This section does not apply to any ordinance which regulates the use of motor vehicles on the public roads.
(Ord. 14-20, passed 9-8-20)