(A)   Qualified residents shall be entitled to parking decals that allow the residents' vehicles to be parked free of charge in designated paid parking areas owned by the city.  The decals shall be used exclusively on no more than two of a resident's personal vehicles, including golf carts.  Parking decals shall be affixed to the lower left corner of vehicles' windshields.
   (B)   Residential parking decals shall expire on December 31 of each year.
   (C)   A full-time resident of the city is entitled to two residential parking decals.  In no case shall more than two parking decals be issued for a residential unit.  Proof of residency can be demonstrated by providing two of the following four items, with at least one of the four indicating the physical address of the residence:
      (1)   A driver's license showing a city residential address;
      (2)   A voter's registration card showing a city residential address;
      (3)   A lease agreement indicating term of lease (which must have more than 30 days remaining) and address;
      (4)   A letter from the owner of the residential unit stating that:
         (a)   The decal applicant is leasing the property for more than 30 consecutive days; or
         (b)   The applicant has permission to live in the unit and the owner expects the applicant to live there for more than 30 consecutive days.
      (5)   A utility or tax bill showing a Folly Beach residential address.
   (D)   A part-time resident who owns a residential unit that is never rented is entitled to one residential parking decal.  In no case shall more than one  parking decal be issued for a part-time resident's residential unit.  Proof of ownership and a sworn statement by the owner of the unit that the unit is never rented shall be provided.
   (E)   Residential unit does not include a hotel or motel room, short term rooming house, or vacant lot.
   (F)   Seasonal renters and other people who cannot demonstrate that they will be living in a residential unit for more than 30 consecutive days following the date of an application for a parking decal do not qualify for residential parking decals and shall be prohibited from obtaining decals.
   (G)   The entity that issues residents' parking decals shall ensure that only one application for parking decals is approved per residential unit and shall maintain a record of the addresses of residential units that receive residents' parking decals and of the vehicles on which the decals are to be placed.
   (H)   Residential parking decals shall not be sold, bartered, loaned, or given away.  A violation of this section shall result in the loss of residential parking permits for a period of one year.  A second violation shall result in the permanent loss of residential parking permits.
   (I)   A lost or stolen decal may be replaced upon payment of a fee of $10 and the submission of a sworn statement that the decal was lost or stolen.  No decal may be replaced more than once in any 12-month period.
(Ord. 27-12, passed 10-23-12; Am. Ord. 13-13, passed 5-28-13)