(A)   If the owner of a vehicle is found in violation of any offenses detailed in §§ 72.01 through 72.14 and pays the penalty or appears before the Municipal Court and is found guilty, the penalty shall be as follows:
      (1)   Parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant:  $100;
      (2)   Parked on the beach, a dune or in a vehicle access to the beach: $200;
      (3)   Parked in marked handicap area:  $1,000;
      (4)   Commercial loading or delivery violations: $250;
      (5)   Parking in violation of any other parking regulation:  $60.
   (B)   The penalty assessed for late payment shall be determined from the amount of the original bond as follows:
   (C)   Any parking citation which remains unpaid after the 90th day may be turned over to an outside agency, approved by City Council, which shall be authorized to collect all payment due and levy additional charges as allowed by South Carolina state law.
(Ord. 18-15, passed 10-13-15; Am. Ord. 10-17, passed 6-13-17; Am. Ord. 10-20, passed 6-23-20)