(A)   If a person authorized to issue parking citations finds any vehicle parked, standing, or stopped in violation of a city ordinance or state law, that person may, in lieu of immediately issuing a summons to its owner or driver, affix a parking citation in a conspicuous place on the vehicle.
   (B)   No person shall solicit the cancellation of any parking citation.
   (C)   A person who issues a parking citation shall be authorized to cancel the citation within 12 hours of issuing the citation, but the reason for the cancellation must be shown on the citation.
   (D)   One or more appropriately trained people approved by the Mayor may consider administrative appeals of all or some types of parking citations, as designated by the Mayor or City Council. Consideration of administrative appeals shall comply with guidelines approved by the Chief Judge of the Municipal Court.  If an administrative appeal or a request for a reduction is denied or if the person making the request is not satisfied with the amount of a proposed reduction, the person may choose to have the matter decided by a Municipal Court Judge, if such choice is exercised within 30 days.
   (E)   Neither a Municipal Court Judge nor a person who is considering an administrative appeal of a parking citation shall impose a fine or accept payment for a parking citation that is less than 50% of the amount of the bond set by City Council or the amount shown on the citation, unless a Municipal Court Judge imposes a jail sentence or other alternative punishment.  No parking citation shall be dismissed absent a determination that no violation occurred.  Late payment penalties may be reduced or removed if mitigating circumstances exist.  Whenever a citation is dismissed or a reduction is allowed, the reason for doing so must be recorded and retained.
(Ord. 27-12, passed 10-23-12)