It shall be illegal for any person or business to leave any item of personal property, other than a legally parked, operable and legally registered motor vehicle (including vehicles with attached trailers), entirely or partially in a street or right-of-way. Trailers legally attached to an operable and legally registered motor vehicle may be parked in the right-of-way for no more than 24 hours, unless the right-of-way is adjacent to the vehicle owner’s property. City Council, the Mayor, or his or her designee may grant temporary variances of this section for good cause. For the purposes of this section, PERSONAL PROPERTY does not include trash, garbage, or other items that have been legally placed in a right-of-way for pickup by the city or county. Property or trailers left for greater than 24 hours may be towed or removed by the Department of Public Safety at the owner's expense.
(Ord. 27-12, passed 10-23-12; Am. Ord. 38-16, passed 2-14-17; Am. Ord. 10-20, passed 6-23-20)
Statutory reference:
   Removing abandoned or derelict vehicles from state highways, see S.C. Code § 56-5-5850
Cross reference:
   Trash, debris, and derelict vehicles on private property, see Ch. 94 of the Code of Ordinances