It shall be unlawful to:
   (A)   Abandon or park any vehicle or trailer on the premises of any public boat landing for a period of more than 72 consecutive hours;
   (B)   Transact any commercial functions (i.e., give or receive money or other goods and services in exchange for money) within the premises of any public boat landing;
   (C)   Utilize the parking areas of any public boat landing solely for the customers of any for-profit business;
   (D)   Use any public boat landing primarily to advertise any vehicle, trailer, or other property for sale;
   (E)   Utilize a public boat landing for the storage, loading, or transportation of construction materials without a special permit or authorization from the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission;
   (F)   Utilize the parking spaces dedicated for vehicles with boat trailers for parking vehicles without boat trailers;
   (G)   Obstruct a boat launch, “make ready” lane, or “tie-down” area with any vehicle or trailer, or tie to a floating dock for more than 15 consecutive minutes;
   (H)   Consume alcohol or other intoxicants at a public boat landing; or
   (I)   Swim at a public boat landing.
(Ord. 27-12, passed 10-23-12; Am. Ord. 25-21, passed 8-10-21)