§ 168.01-01  Purpose and Scope.
   (A)   Within the provisions established by this ZDO, there exist uses of land, structures, lots and signs that were lawfully established before this ZDO was adopted or amended, that now do not conform to the terms and requirements of this ZDO. The purpose and intent of this chapter is to regulate and limit the continued existence of those uses, standards, lots, and signs that do not conform to the provisions of this ZDO or any amendments thereto.
   (B)   Except where otherwise specified, it is the intent of this ZDO to permit these nonconformities to continue until they are removed, but not to encourage their survival except under the limited circumstances established in this chapter. The provisions of this chapter are designed to curtail substantial improvement of nonconformities to preserve the integrity of this ZDO.
(Ord. 05-10, passed 3-23-10; Am. Ord. 21-13, passed 1-14-14)