§ 165.02-03  Height.
   (A)   Definition/measurement.
      (1)   Top of the first living floor surface. The surface area of the first floor of habitable conditioned space, and the starting elevation used to determine the maximum height of a structure.
      (2)   Building height. Height of building means the vertical distance measured from the top of the first living floor surface.
      (3)   Exclusions from height limitations.  The height limitations included in Table 165.01, Dimensional Standards, do not apply to spires, ventilators, and chimneys; however, the heights of these structures or appurtenances shall not exceed any height limitations prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration.
(Ord. 05-10, passed 3-23-10; Am. Ord. 03-19, passed 4-9-19; Am. Ord. 11-21, passed 5-11-21)