§ 165.02-01 Lots.
      (A)   Definitions/measurement.
         (1)   High ground.  The portion of a lot located outside of OCRM critical areas or landward of the OCRM Baseline, wetlands, marsh, and other resource protection areas.
         (2)   Lot area.  Lot area means the amount of land area, measured horizontally, included within the lines of a lot. Lands located within any private easements shall be included within the lot area. Public rights-of-way, lands set aside for public utilities, parks, open space including any area seaward of the OCRM baseline or beyond the OCRM critical line, or schools shall not be included in calculating lot area, except where specifically allowed by this ZDO.
         (3)   Lot coverage.  The portion of a lot covered by impervious surfaces (including driveways, patios, pools, decks, and similar features).
         (4)   Lot depth.  Lot depth means the horizontal distance between the midpoints of straight lines connecting the front lot line and the rear lot line.
         (5)   Lot frontage.  Lot frontage means the portion of a lot along a street from which the lot derives its street address. In the case of a building lot abutting upon only one street, the frontage line is the line parallel to and common with the right-of-way. In the case of a corner lot, that part of the building lot having the narrowest frontage on any street shall be considered the frontage line. For the purpose of determining yard requirements on corner lots and through lots, all sides of a lot adjacent to streets shall be considered frontage, and yards shall be provided as required in this ZDO.
         (6)   Lot line.  Lot lines mean the lines bounding a lot as established by ownership.
         (7)   Lot width.  The distance between straight lines connecting front and rear lot lines at each side of the lot, measured at the front building setback line.
         (8)   Lot types.  Lot types mean corner lots, interior lots, through lots, and reversed frontage lots, as depicted in Figure 165.01, Lot Types.
         (a)   Corner lot.  A lot located at the intersection of two or more streets (other than alleys), regardless of whether or not such streets intersect at right angles. See lots marked "A " in Figure 165.01: Lot Types.
         (b)   Interior lot.  A lot other than a corner lot with only one frontage on a street other than an alley. See lots marked "B" in Figure 165.01: Lot Types.
         (c)   Double frontage lot.  A lot other than a corner lot with frontage on more than one street other than an alley. Through lots with frontage on two streets may be referred to as "double frontage lots". See lot marked "C" in Figure 165.01: Lot Types.
      (9)   Rear lot line.  The rear lot line is the line connecting the two side lot lines along the edge of the lot opposite from the frontage line.
      (10)   Side lot line.  The side lot line is the lot line connecting the front and rear lot lines regardless of whether it abuts a right-of-way or another lot line.
   (B)   General lot requirements.
      (1)   Minimum lot dimensions.  Any lot that is developed shall meet the minimum lot area, width, and coverage standards established in Table 165.01, Dimensional Standards, for the zoning district in which it is located, except as otherwise established by this ZDO for particular uses.
      (2)   Erection of more than one principal structure on a platted lot.  Whenever any land is subdivided, a building permit for the construction of a building or other principal structure (excluding buildings under common ownership or unified control) shall not be issued unless the land is subdivided in accordance with to the procedures and standards of this ZDO.
      (3)   Lots divided by zoning district lines.  Whenever a single lot is located within two or more different zoning districts, each portion of that lot shall be subject to all the regulations applicable to the district in which it is located.
(Ord. 05-10, passed 3-23-10; Am. Ord. 05-21, passed 3-10-2021)