§ 163.03-01  Purpose and Intent.
   The nonresidential zoning districts are established for the general purpose of ensuring there are lands in the city that provide a wide range of office, retail, service, and related uses to meet household and business needs, and more specifically to:
   (A)   Provide appropriately located lands for nonresidential uses consistent with the city's Comprehensive Plan.  Provide appropriately located lands for the full range of business uses needed by the city's residents, businesses, and workers, in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan;
   (B)   Provide employment opportunities.  Provide employment opportunities close to home for residents of the city and surrounding communities;
   (C)   Accommodate resort uses. Provide adequate land to accommodate resort and vacation-related uses;
   (D)   Enable a mix of residential and nonresidential uses.  Permit residential units above ground-floor nonresidential uses in commercial districts; and
   (E)   Preserve the unique character of the nonresidential areas on Folly Island; and
   (F)   Minimize impact of nonresidential development.  Minimize the impact of nonresidential development on sensitive environmental lands.
(Ord. 05-10, passed 3-23-10; Am. Ord. 11-18, passed 11-13-18)