§ 163.02-01  Purpose and Intent.
   The residential zoning districts contained in this section are established and intended to provide a comfortable, healthy, safe, and pleasant environment in which to live. More specifically, they are intended to:
   (A)   Provide appropriately located lands for residential development. Provide appropriately located lands for residential development in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan;
   (B)   Light, air, and privacy.  Ensure adequate light, air, privacy, and open space for each dwelling;
   (C)   Protect residents from harmful effects.  Protect residents from the harmful effects of noise, traffic congestion, undue concentration of population, and other significant adverse environmental effects;
   (D)   Provision of public services.  Ensure the provision of public services including roadway capacity, park land, or other public services; and
   (E)   Provide appropriately located land for commercial development.  Provide appropriately located areas in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan for employment, shopping, and recreational activities, as needed by the residents of the city, while ensuring that any negative aspects of development is minimized on abutting residential lands.
(Ord. 05-10, passed 3-23-10)