(A)   Role of city.
      (1)   The FBDPW (and/or SCDHEC) may conduct random site visits during inspections, pumping, repairs, or alterations to evaluate the quality of such work. The FBDPW and/or SCDHEC will also respond to citizen complaints with regard to septic system services and/or inspections.
      (2)   The city shall inspect the front beach after major erosional events to document eroded septic systems.
      (3)   The city shall inspect flooded areas to document failed systems.
      (4)   The city shall notify owners in situations where a failed system has been identified and documented.
      (5)   The city shall notify owners and initiate water cut off procedures for properties where failed systems have been identified and documented.
      (6)   If, upon receipt of a baseline inspection report that a septic system is determined to be a failed system as defined by this chapter, the city will notify SCDHEC of the failure within five business days of receiving the inspection report.
      (7)   The city shall maintain a record of each septic system installed, inspected, pumped, repaired and altered.
   (B)   Role of property owner.
      (1)   It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the septic system is operated and maintained according to its designed use and capacity, and approved management plan.
      (2)   Property owners shall provide all requested and known information about the septic system to the city and the inspector to facilitate locating and assessing the condition of the system.
      (3)   The property owner shall maintain the septic system so that it is accessible for inspection and maintenance.
      (4)   The property owner shall maintain the septic system so that it is protected from vehicular traffic and parking.
      (5)   The property owner shall protect all parts of the septic system from erosion and prolonged inundation.
      (6)   The property owner shall request an evaluation from SCDHEC within five days of notification of a failed system from the city or an inspection.  The property owner shall initiate repairs to failed systems within five days of the issuance of an SCDHEC evaluation. If repairs are not completed in 90 days, the property owner shall relocate the system as required by § 55.05(A)(3).
      (7)   The property owner shall initiate minor repairs such as replacing cracked lids and missing or broken tees and baffles as required by a baseline inspection to bring the septic system into good operating condition within 30 days of the inspection. Evidence of said work must be submitted to the city.
(Ord. 11-19, passed 4-9-19)  Penalty, see § 10.99