A.   A seven (7) person Standards of Conduct Board is created consisting of:
      1.   The Chief Legal Officer, the City Clerk and the Ombudsman, all of whom shall be official members of the Standards of Conduct Board;
      2.   Four (4) residents of the City unanimously nominated by the official members appointed by the Mayor.
   B.   The Chairperson shall be chosen from those members appointed under Sec. 6-401A.2. herein.
   C.   Members appointed under Sec. 6-401A.2. herein shall hold no City office or employment nor other public elective or appointive office except that of notary public; and such members shall not be compensated.
   D.   The Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission shall replace the Ombudsman as an official member of the Board if the office of Ombudsman ceases to exist.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)