A.   The Board shall have the supervision and exclusive management of all hospitals owned by the City and shall make and enforce all rules for such supervision and management in accordance with Sec. 1-801 of this Charter.
   B.   The Board shall be empowered to employ all personnel deemed necessary for the proper administration, conduct and maintenance of such hospitals.
      1.   Such personnel, except those appointed by the Board, shall be under the jurisdiction of the Civil Service Commission as set forth in Article 5 of this Charter.
      2.   The provisions of this Charter dealing with personnel (Sections 4-301, 4-302 and 4-303) shall apply to the Board, except that where the Mayor or Council are mentioned, such functions shall devolve upon the Board of Hospital Managers.
   C.   The Board shall appoint a President and CEO for each of the City Hospital facilities, who shall serve at its pleasure, and a Vice President of Human Resources, subject to confirmation by the Mayor, and serving at the pleasure of the Board. The Board may also appoint appropriate Vice Presidents for each City Hospital facility, each of whom shall serve at the Board’s pleasure.
   D.   The Board of Hospital Managers shall have the exclusive authority to manage and operate all City Hospitals and in so doing shall have such power as may be required for the faithful performance of its duties.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974; Amendment adopted by the electorate, 11-7-1997)