A.   The executive branch of the City, under the general supervision of the Mayor, shall administer all programs, services and activities of the City, unless otherwise provided in this Charter or required by statute.
   B.   To the extent permitted by law, the City may transfer any program, service or activity from the executive branch to administration by a multiple member body and may transfer any program, service or activity from a multiple member body created under Sec. 6-101 to the executive branch or to another multiple member body, provided that this procedure is followed:
      1.   The Mayor must request the transfer in writing.
      2.   The City Council must adopt, by an affirmative vote of three-fourths of the members elect, an ordinance setting forth the terms and conditions of the transfer.
   C.   All members of multiple member bodies which receive the transfer of programs, services or activities must be residents of the City of Flint.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)