(a)   Each licensee, upon receipt of such license, and in the presence of the City Clerk, shall affix his signature thereon, accepting the license and all the conditions of its use as stated in this article or other provisions of this Code or other ordinances now in force or which may be enacted by the City Council, respecting the use of such license, and agreeing to the suspension and revocation of such license should any of the conditions be violated.
   (b)   The following conditions and regulations shall apply to the exercise of privileges granted by licenses issued under the provisions of this article, in addition to those set forth in other parts of this article, or this Code or other ordinances of the City:
      (1)   No licenses shall use any weighing or measuring device in the conduct of his business, or have in his possession any weighing or measuring device, unless such device shall have been examined and approved by the Sealer of Weights and Measures and in conformance with all State law requirements.
      (2)   All packages, articles and goods offered for sale must comply with State labeling requirements (MCLA §§ 289.8101 through 289.8111).
      (3)   No licensee shall sell or offer for sale any food without first having on file with the City Clerk’s office a food establishment license from the Michigan Department of Agriculture or food service establishment license from the Genesee County Health Department, whichever is necessary and/or required.
      (4)   Every vehicle used for peddling or vending shall have a tag attached to each side thereof, bearing the same number as the license issued to the owner, such tag to be furnished by the City Clerk, and to be marked “Peddler’s License.” Every owner licensed to sell or vend from a vehicle or vehicles, shall be entitled to one helper to each vehicle.
      (5)   The City Clerk may require that the goods, wares and merchandise of an applicant for a license hereunder be inspected by the Chief of the Fire Department or any inspector of the Fire Department designated by the Chief of the Fire Department to act for him, before issuing a license under the terms of this article. The City Clerk shall refuse a license to any applicant where the goods, wares or merchandise are found to be a fire hazard by the inspecting official.
      (6)   Persons peddling or vending goods under this article from a vehicle shall comply with the provisions of the traffic and parking regulations of the City relative to vehicles; a vehicle inspection must be performed by the City of Flint Police Traffic Division. A copy of the inspection must be on file with the City Clerk’s office.
      (7)   All vendors licensed in accordance with this article and operating from motorized vehicles shall operate or be permitted on the streets, sidewalks, and other public places of the City between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., or dusk, whichever comes first.
      (8)   All vehicles licensed in accordance with this provision must turn off their music or sound system while transacting business and must, at all times, comply with the applicable provisions of §§ 31-70 et seq. Noise Control.
      (9)   A fine of $500.00 and/or 90 days in jail may be imposed upon the licensee if compliance is forfeited by the licensee.
(Ord. 1428, passed 3-17-1958; Ord. 3161, passed 3-25-1992; Ord. 3476, passed 5-29-2001)