(a)   It shall be unlawful for any solicitor, canvasser or peddler to engage in such business in the City without first having obtained a license therefor in the manner set forth in this article. Any license so issued shall not permit any person to engage in the business of peddling or vending any goods, wares or merchandise in areas in which such sales are prohibited.
   (b)   However, a property owner or lessee who is licensed to sell food on his premises may sell food on the sidewalk immediately in front of his premises, if done in such a manner as does not obstruct the free passage of persons along the sidewalk.
(Ord. 1428, passed 3-17-1958; Ord. 1792, passed 8-17-1964; Ord. 2837, passed 6-14-1982; Ord. 2992, passed 5-12-1986; Ord. 3476, passed 5-29-2001)