A.   The City Clerk is the chief election officer of the City.
   B.   Voter Registration.
      1.   The City Clerk shall, within the budget allocated, institute and maintain a program designed to register as many City voters as possible.
      2.   On the seventh (7th) Monday preceding a primary for State or City offices, the Clerk shall report to the Council the progress of the voter registration program.
   C.   Conduct the Election.
      1.   The City Clerk shall have copies of laws and official regulations regarding the conduct of elections in the Clerk’s Office and shall make these documents available to the public at no more than cost.
      2.   The City Clerk shall provide to the public at no cost forms for petitions for any candidacy or issue arising under this Charter. The Clerk shall also provide information regarding the number of valid signatures needed for such petitions.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)