(a)   Every applicant for a license under this article shall pay to the City Clerk a fee which shall be established from time to time by resolution of the City Council, kept on file by the City Clerk, and contained in Appendix A of the City Code. Any license so obtained shall automatically expire on the following April 30.
   (b)   Any license issued under this article may be revoked by the City Council for violation of this article after notice is given to the holder of the license, and a reasonable opportunity is given for the person holding the license to be heard. Such license shall not thereafter be renewed without the consent of the City Council. It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or transfer such license without the consent of the City Council.
(Ord. 1215, passed 8-5-1954; Ord. 2142, passed 7-14-1969; Ord. 3403, passed 2-8-1999)