It shall be unlawful for any person being the owner of or in control of any filling station in the City of Flint to operate or maintain a filling station in such place until a permit shall have been obtained from the City Clerk by authority of the City Council of said City, or to operate and maintain such filling station after such permit, when granted, shall have been revoked by the City Council. No permit for the operation of a filling station shall hereafter be issued which would permit existence of more than two filling stations at any street intersection having four or more corners; nor will a permit be issued for the operation of a filing station if the site at which such operation is proposed is within 300 feet of an existing building constructed for the purpose of conducting such a business, whether or not said building is actually being used for that purpose; provided, however, that any building constructed as a filling station which has been converted to another use, shall not be considered in determining the existence of a filling station within the restricted area.
(Ord. 388, passed 6-1-1931; Ord. 306, passed 5-24-1939; Ord. 2128, passed 5-19-1969)