The licensee shall comply with the following requirements.
   (a)   That all rentals of motorcycles and motor- driven cycles shall have an insignia, of a design to be specified by the Chief of Police, setting forth the horsepower of the vehicle and the name of the rental agency.
   (b)   That the licensee shall furnish, to drivers and passengers, helmets as required by ordinance or State law.
   (c)   That a licensee shall not allow a motor- driven cycle to be on rental after one-half hour before sunset.
   (d)   That the licensee shall inform every person or persons renting motorcycles or motor-driven cycles, of applicable laws and regulations governing the use thereof and shall post such requirements in a conspicuous location upon his place of business.
   (e)   That the licensee shall furnish the Police Department, from time to time, with a current list of the license numbers of all rental vehicles.
   (f)   The licensee shall not rent a motorcycle or motor-driven cycle to any person who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs, or whose ability to operate the vehicle appears to be impaired for any other reason.
   (g)   That the licensee shall be equipped to give instructions in the use of said rental vehicles to ensure the persons renting same have the necessary skill to drive such vehicles.
(Ord. 1987, passed 7-24-1967)