A.   Upon introduction of any ordinance, the City Clerk shall:
      1.   Distribute a copy to each City Council member and to the Mayor;
      2.   File a reasonable number of copies in the office of the City Clerk and such other public places as the City Council may designate; and
      3.   Publish the title and an abstract of the proposed ordinance including effective date in a daily newspaper of general circulation in the City together with a notice setting out the time and place for a public hearing thereon and for its consideration by the City Council.
   B.   The public hearing may not be held sooner than five (5) days after the publication. The public hearing may be held separately or with a regular or special City Council meeting and may be convened from time to time.
   C.   All interested persons shall have an opportunity to be heard.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)