§ 12-16  INSURANCE.
   Every building contractor granted a license under the terms of this article shall be required to maintain at all times workers’ compensation insurance, and also insurance underwritten by a company authorized to do business in the State against liability to the public in the amount of not less than $100,000.00 for one person or $300,000.00 for one accident, and $100,000.00 against liability arising out of property damage. Such policies shall contain therein or have attached thereto by rider, a provision that the insurer will give notice to the City at least ten days prior to the cancellation of the policies, in event that the insurer should elect to cancel the same. The policies required, or a certificate or certificates executed by the insurer certifying to the existence of the insurance shall be filed with the City Clerk prior to the issuance of any license or renewal thereof. Such insurance shall be maintained continuously during the license year. Failure to maintain insurance as above provided shall be grounds for revocation of the license issued under this article.
(Ord. 483, passed 3-20-1942; Ord. 1872, passed 10-18-1965; Ord. 2961, passed 6-24-1985)