A.   The method of nomination to all elective offices in the City shall be by petition. A primary election shall be held on those occasions when the number of persons submitting valid nominating petitions exceeds twice the number of vacancies to be filled.
   B.   Nominating petitions submitted by candidates for the office of City Council member shall be signed by at least one hundred (100) of the registered voters of the City who shall be residents of the ward in which the election is to be held.
   C.   Nominating petitions submitted by candidates to the office of Mayor shall be signed by at least nine hundred (900) registered voters of the City.
   D.   No nominating petitions shall be accepted for filing unless accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the candidate stating that the candidate possesses the legal qualifications for the office and requesting that the candidate’s name be printed on the official ballot.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)