A.   The purpose of this Section is to provide a method of protecting the public interest in the electoral and governmental affairs of this City.
   B.   This Section recognizes that the proper operation of the City’s government requires that public officers and employees be independent, impartial and responsible to the people; that decisions and policy be made in the proper channels of governmental structures; that public office or employment not be used for personal gain; that the integrity and operation of the City government be subject to scrutiny by the public; and that acts or actions not compatible with the best interests of the City be defined and prohibited.
   C.   The City shall adopt, by ordinance, such standards for the conduct of public affairs as may be deemed necessary and proper to further the intent of this Section, in addition to those ordinances required under Sec. 1-602 D.
   D.   The City shall provide by ordinance within one (1) year after the first Mayor and Council elected under this Charter take office:
      1.   For the disclosure of financial interests and sources of income by all candidates for elective office;
      2.   For the annual disclosure by elective officers of financial interests, sources of income and gifts;
      3.   For the detailed accounting, prior to the date of election, of election and campaign expenses and of sources of funds and other things of value;
      4.   For the full disclosure of any conflict of personal interest and the public interest by any elected or appointed official or any employee;
      5.   For the full disclosure of any conflict of financial interest and the public interest by any elected official, appointed official or any employee and for prohibition upon such person participating in decisions regarding the matter over which the conflict exists;
      6.   For the effective monitoring of those persons or entities who, on behalf of another person or entity, for compensation or as part of their employment, seek to influence official acts of the City;
      7.   For restrictions and practices concerning campaign financing, which may include but not necessarily be limited to, the establishment of spending and contribution limits;
      8.   For such restrictions as may be appropriate regulating the political activity of employees of the City;
      9.   That any violations of ordinances dealing with the above matters shall be punishable as a misdemeanor in accordance with appropriate State law, and the violation of any such ordinance may be made punishable by forfeiture of office or position;
      10.   That any declaration filed pursuant to ordinances adopted in accordance with this Section shall be by affidavit.
   E.   The Standards of Conduct Board shall review, at least annually, any reports, registrations, statements, declarations, or any other documents required to be filed under ordinances adopted by the City under this Section.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)