Sec. 1-404  DEFINITIONS.
   AGENCY.  “Agency” means any department, office, multiple member body or other organization of City government and includes any elective officer, appointee, or person acting or purporting to act in the exercise of official duties.
   AGENCY OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH. “Agency of the executive branch” includes all of the above persons and organizations except for the Board of Hospital Managers and persons and organizations directly responsible to the City Council rather than the Mayor.
   INQUIRY.  An “inquiry” is a request for information. There is no intention in this Charter to make a distinction between inquiries made by City officials and inquiries made by private citizens.
   LAW.  “Law” refers to the principles of conduct which must be obeyed. Unless the contrary is expressly stated, there is no intention to distinguish between laws in existence on the effective date of this Charter and laws subsequently declared. STATE LAW refers to the laws of the State of Michigan.
   MEMBERS SERVING, PRESENT AND ELECT. In calculating an ordinary or extraordinary majority of:
      1.   MEMBERS SERVING, vacant seats are not included.
      2.   MEMBERS PRESENT, neither vacant seats nor those of absent members are included.
      3.   MEMBERS ELECT, all seats are included.
   Thus a majority of members elect of a nine (9) person body is five (5) regardless of vacancies or absences.
   MULTIPLE MEMBER BODY.  “Multiple member body” means any board, commission, ad hoc committee, advisory committee and any group however designated, composed of more than one person, and acting, or purporting to act, in the exercise of official duties. The City Council is not a multiple member body.
   ORDINANCE.  An “ordinance” is a local law enacted by the legislative body of the City of Flint either prior to the effective date of this Charter or subsequently.
   STATUTE.  A “statute” is a public act of the Michigan Legislature either in existence on the effective date of this Charter or enacted subsequently.
(Adopted by the electorate, 11-5-1974)