(A)   Automobile identification decals.
      (1)   Each resident and property owner shall register with the Police Department every motor vehicle kept in the town any part of 15 or more days within a calendar year.  The Police Department will issue a decal to each vehicle so registered.  The purpose of the decal is to identify residents and property owners in the event of evacuation and reentry into the town in connection with a declaration of emergency.
      (2)   Registration for motor vehicles then subject to registration shall be completed on or before February 15, 1993.
      (3)   Each motor vehicle shall be registered by its owner within 30 days after it is subject to registration.
      (4)   Persons who are employed within the town limits, but who neither reside in nor own property in the town, may register their vehicles according to this section at any time prior to a declaration of emergency.  If the person chooses to register his or her vehicle, he or she shall comply with and be subject to all provisions of this section.
      (5)   There will be no charge for registration or issuance of the decals.
   (B)   Display of decals.  Decals will be displayed in the left bottom corner of the front windshield of the vehicle for which it was issued, except that the decal will be displayed on the front fender of 2-wheel motor vehicles.
   (C)   Replacement of and removal of decals.
      (1)   In the event a decal issued for a motor vehicle under this section is destroyed, the owner of the vehicle must apply for a new decal with the Police Department within 15 days after the destruction of the previous decal.
      (2)   Residents who move from the town, property owners who sell their property, and persons who register their vehicles by reason of employment within the town but who leave that employment, will remove all decals issued pursuant to this section within 15 days and will report the action to the Police Department.
   (D)   Reentry without decal prohibited.  Vehicles that do not display the identification decal will not be permitted to reenter the town after an evacuation ordered until ownership can be verified or until the emergency is declared ended.
   (E)   Unlawful use of decal is prohibited.  No person shall display or cause or permit to be displayed or have in his or her possession any decal issued under this section knowing the same to be fictitious or invalid or to have been canceled, revoked, suspended, nullified or altered; and no person shall willfully display any decal that is not valid and current.  It shall be unlawful for any person to give, lend, sell or obtain a decal for any purpose other than as authorized in this section and for any purpose other than in connection with vehicles for which the decal was issued.
Penalty, see § 34.99