91.01   Adoption of state law
   91.02   Definitions
   91.03   Duties and responsibilities
   91.04   Permanent identification of dogs and cats required
   91.05   Restraint of animals and animals at large
   91.06   Public nuisance animals and feral cats
   91.07   Dangerous animals declaration
   91.08   Animal bites and quarantine
   91.09   Commercial animal establishments
   91.10   Disposition of dead animals
   91.11   Cruelty; neglect; abandonment
   91.12   Vaccination of dogs, cats and ferrets
   91.13   Report of vehicular collision with animal
   91.14   Interfering with Animal Control Officer
   91.15   Injured animals; action required
   91.16   Animal waste
   91.17   Lost or stray animals
   91.18   Animals in vehicles
   91.19   Animal sacrifice
   91.20   Sterilization of dogs and cats required
   91.21   Additional restrictions on owners of dangerous or nuisance animals
   91.22   Service animals in public buildings
   91.23   Jurisdiction
   91.24   Enforcement procedures
   91.25   Authority to destroy dangerous animals
   91.99   Penalty